Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Beginnings (Part Deux)

Ok so I know I missed last months monthly blog post. I apologize to my two readers haha. Ive been semi busy the last month or so.  My cousin and his wife came in from Germany so I got to spend time with them for Christmas! That was so great. We haven't seen each other in close to three years. My cousin and I are really close, so needless to say they were missed. We went out and showed his wife what small town Texas was like. She was not real big on it. She is a big city girl so I can't totally blame her for not being used to it. Cuz and I went hunting for about 4 days straight and unfortunately didnt get to shoot anything, oh well maybe next time. We did have fun though.

So as you know I was laid off in September and have been livin off da gubmint for 4 months now. I have applied to tons of places and haven't heard much of a peep out of anyone. I applied to several jobs back at the same company I used to work for, and for the longest time didn't hear a word out of them. One day I get a call from crew scheduling saying they wanted me to come in for an interview. So I packed up and went back to Atlanta for my interview. I traveled 1500 miles for a 15 minute interview. That really had my mind thinking when we ended then. I thought I did really well in the interview. The interviewer said he would give me a call in two days to let me know how I did. So I waited. The next day when I got back to Texas, he called and offered me the job! That surprised me and it confirmed that I did do as well as I thought I did. He gave me a start date of Jan 11. 

I rented my U-haul and packed up all my stuff and headed back out to the farm this past Monday. The drive was long and boring but the end result was worth it, I was back home with my friends. One of my roomies and I stayed up and had a mini celebration for my return, but it wasn't until the next day that the real celebration started. We had several of our friends come out and cooked up some chili had a big dinner and lots of drinks and conversing. We did have a mission last night and I say we completed it and it was a great success. A friend of ours had bought a real tree for Christmas, and she needed to "dispose" of it. I use the term "dispose" loosely because the way we did it was not your standard way of getting rid of a tree. We decided that the tree needed burnin' and we were going to set it on fire with fireworks and bacon grease. Now all of our great ideas don't come until we are fairly inebriated which this happened to be one of those times. I had a strand of 1000 blackcats that I forgot I had for almost 5 years. I'm pretty sure the shelf life is one year but that didn't scare us. We set the tree straight up and put the blackcats around it like garland. We doused the tree with bacon grease and then attempted to light the tree up with roman candles. Wow one thing I have learned is I never want a real tree for my Christmas tree. Once the blackcats lit off and the flames caught the tree on fire that thing went up so quick it was scary. I do have to say it was great entertainment for all 2 minutes it was on fire. Welcome back Tex haha man I have missed this place and the shenanigans that comes along with it.

Now as Monday gets closer I am ready to get off the couch and actually go back to work and have something to do again. I know that is weird to say but damn there is only so much daytime television you can take. My new job is not quite as glamorous as my old one by any means, but it is a paycheck. What I will now be doing is being a Crew Scheduler. I get to be the person I hated while I was a pilot. The one who wakes people up and call them in to go to work. The good thing about the job is I will see things from another perspective and it will give me a better overall picture of how the airline runs. I hope the people I will be working with are half as cool as the people I used to fly with, at least that way when the days are tough it will help me get through. I will try to start posting more now that I have more things to say other than today's episode of Judge Judy was awesome.

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