Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monthly Blog Fodder

So it seems we have fallen into a new month, which that means it is time for my monthly post. Currently I am doing monthly posts until I find enough information to do more than one post. Nothing major has happened in the last month. Just more job hunting with no call backs. I am really hoping to get called back to the airline soon. All my friends seem to think we will get called back in the spring or summer so I hope that is true because I definitely miss flying and traveling. I am pretty bitter after this whole experience. I love flying and my job I had. At the same time I want stability in my life and would like to not have to worry if I am going to have a job next week. I know that no company/industry is safe, but the safe feeling that you will always have your job is comforting. The last few months I have thought about many career changes, from air traffic control to police officer to computers to banking and more. I keep coming back to the fact that I love flying, exploring new cities, and socializing with my crew. So I think that means that I know I want to stay in my field of "expertise" if you can call it that. It looks like my next step then is to get back into Flight Instructing until we get recalled to go back to the old job. At least there I will still be flying and sometimes going to other places. On much happier news, I have taken a trip back out east to Georgia to spend some time with all my friends. Damn, I have so missed being out here I can't wait to move back.

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  1. Tex, the good thing is you're young enough to change your mind a half-dozen times. But it's very cool you know what you want to do. Keep at it, you'll succeed!