Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year once again

Happy New Year everyone. Another year has come and gone and time to see how this one will go. As always it is that time for a New Years Resolution. I have decided I will partake in this tradition, but I plan on keeping up with it unlike the majority of people who just give up on it and say "well there is always next year". My New Years Resolution is for weight loss and healthier eating. During the course of 2010 I lost around 15 lbs but put it back on. Now I can't take it anymore and it is time to lose the weight once and for all. I have a gym membership I plan on using and I am currently researching diets/methods/etc for the weight loss. My problem has always been that I love food. The taste, smell, and look of it all has driven me to eat all sorts of unhealthy things over the years and well it shows. I'm ready to be able to wear clothes from any store and actually look good in them and hey I need to get healthier too. This will be a long process to get to where I want. Oh and I have a huge problem procrastinating which was the major cause this didn't work out so well over 2010. Hopefully I can find a workout buddy or a trainer to help me battle my chronic procrastinating. So what is your NYR? Here is to hoping I can finally beat this and for your NYR to workout as well.

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  1. Good luck, Tex! I know you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

    Happy New Year!

    I have no resolutions, just plans.